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In the universe of plastic, every detail counts. This is where Delta Tecnic comes into play, a pioneering company in the development of masterbatch, which offers maximum colour precision to PVC film compounders in the calendering sector. The company urges the industry to adopt cryopellets, single pigment masterbatches which act as a solution to create personalised and homogeneous colours in a simple and effective way.

Monopigmentary Masterbatch: Cryopellets

What exactly are these products, and why are they so relevant in the industry? Single pigment masterbatches are an innovative solution that simplifies the PVC colouring process. It is a fact that the repeatability of a pigment formulation is low between different batches manufactured on different dates. The use of pigments causes the colour variation between batches of the same pigment formulation to be high and requires many corrections to be made at the beginning of production, causing a corresponding cost of operations and manufacturing of non-compliant product until the customer’s desired colour is achieved. 

Instead of formulating with pigments to obtain the desired tone, Delta Tecnic proposes the use of single pigment masterbatches, which guarantee uniform and repeatable colouring every time. This revolutionary approach eliminates the need to deal with pigments that are difficult to disperse, highly volatile, dirty and inconsistent, thus reducing waste and optimizing efficiency in the production process.

But Delta Tecnic’s innovation goes beyond simplifying the colouring process. With its focus on customisation and adaptability, the company enables PVC film compounders to create a wide range of bespoke colours, meeting the specific demands of their customers and the market. Whether waterproofing buildings, creating floors or developing adhesives for automotive applications, Delta Tecnic’s single pigment masterbatches offer a versatile, high-quality solution that drives innovation in the plastics industry.

Main benefits of using cryopellets

The most notable advantages of cryopellets include:

  • Greater cleanliness and ease of handling: cryopellets are not dusty and are very easy to handle, ensuring greater cleanliness in production facilities. Additionally, their easy handling compared to conventional pigments makes them a more efficient and profitable option for compounders.
  • Colour repeatability: cryopellets produce a highly consistent colour, thanks to the uniform pigment dispersion and a stable colouring power. This means that previously used colour formulas will continue to give the same results in the future, eliminating the need for adjustments and saving time and resources.
  • Access to demanding markets: with cryopellets, compounders can meet the demands of markets that have high requirements for colour uniformity or outdoor performance, without sacrificing quality, achieving results that could not be accomplished with conventional pigments. 
  • Reduction of non-compliant product: cryopellets help to reduce non-compliant product at the beginning of production because there is no need to readjust the pigment formula. This is essential for sustainability because it minimises waste, optimizes resources and improves efficiency in the supply chain.

According to Manuel Miret, Area Manager & New Product Developer at Delta Tecnic, “it’s a journey of no return: once you switch to using single pigment masterbatches, you never go back to using pigments”. He adds: “Our commitment to excellence and continuous search for advanced solutions has allowed us to develop a product that not only meets but exceeds market expectations”.

Reduced particle size for exceptional results

To understand the cryopellet’s potential, let’s talk about particle size at the powder level. To achieve this, Delta Tecnic carries out a micronisation process, which involves a careful reduction in the size of the conventional masterbatch, ensuring that it maintains its essential properties throughout the process. We achieve safe and effective handling by using nitrogen at to freeze the masterbatch before grinding, avoiding product degradation and maintaining its quality.

This technological advancement not only responds to market demands, but also offers calendering film manufacturers a highly effective and versatile solution. With a high concentration of pigments, Delta Tecnic’s single pigment masterbatch provides precise colour reproduction and exceptional colour matching.

Already an established technology in Europe, and with growing interest in international markets such as the United States and Asia, Delta Tecnic’s single pigment masterbatch is ready to revolutionise PVC film compounding around the world.