masterbatches for the cable industy


Thanks to constant R&D and continuous improvement as a tool, we are today a global benchmark in cable colouring. Delta Tecnic meets and exceeds the strict requirements by the telecoms cable sector.

The telecoms cable industry demands masterbatches that allow for the high speed manufacture of cables, that do not interfere with the data transport properties of these cables and that adjust to the cable production processes, which are increasingly automated with new extruder technology that includes on-line controls and high production levels. Delta Tecnic offers a wide range of high-opacity masterbatches for the correct identification of the cables.


Broad range of high-quality colour masterbatches with outstanding dispersion and dilution properties to suit fibre optical cable producer needs.


Specific technical solutions for each need, always following international colour standards, with intense colour and high opacity.


Our Masterbatches display excellent contraction qualities, ensuring high-quality worldwide data transmission.


Delta Tecnic PBT masterbatches for buffer tubes are designed to
maintain all the mechanical properties of the main PBT resin used to protect the cable.
A good match between PBT masterbatch and PBT resin will keep the tube concentric and will contribute to excellent fibre optic data speed.

Delta Tecnic offers a standard line of masterbatches to colour the cables designed to protect the optical fibre while increasing cable flexibility.

Delta Tecnic range of PAE colour masterbatches maintains all mechanical properties while providing the brightest colours on the market. Polyamide elastomer, polyamide 12, a high-performance elastomer used to cover the fibre.

For fibre optic cable producers using HDPE polymer for buffer tubes, Delta Tecnic has designed a special range of masterbatches. Thanks to our experience, we can ensure that our masterbatches do not modify tube concentricity or affect fibre data speed.

To meet our customers’ needs, Delta Tecnic develops a range of masterbatches for PP. The main polymer for buffer tube extrusion. We ensure perfect compatibility with the main PP polymer.


Delta Tecnic’s range of PE masterbatches is ideal for use with all cross-linking technologies, offering high opacity in cables at very low dosages. We have in-depth knowledge of the special requirements of copper data cable and offer a wide range of standard products to cover most of the colours the industry needs. We also develop customized solutions.


Masterbatches especially recommended for outdoor use, to prevent both discolouration and photo-oxidative degradation of the cable polymer. Requirements in this sector centre around the lightfastness of the pigments and the stabilization needed to meet special requirements. Delta Tecnic carefully selects the pigments to be involved in the formulations in order to avoid colour loss due to UV radiation and additives to prevent degradation of the plastic due to environmental conditions. Our formulations comply with industry regulations. We have a highly qualified laboratory equipped with the latest technology for monitoring discolouration and maintaining mechanical properties.