Broad Range of Masterbatches for Telecoms Industry

As a Masterbatch cable specialist, Delta Tecnic supports its Telecoms customers with all the technical solutions the industry requires. The telecoms industry, fibre optic producers and copper data cable producers demand very specific colours, as well as high quality in Masterbatches.


Delta Tecnic has developed a range of Masterbatches to suit fibre optic cable producer needs. We offer a specific technical solution for each need, always following international colour standards, with intense colour and high opacity.

PBT: PBT Masterbatches for buffer tubes are designed to maintain all the mechanical properties of the main PBT resin used to protect the cable. A good match between PBT Masterbatch and PBT resin will keep the tube concentric and will not slow fibre data speed. Delta has PBT ranges to match our customer’s PBT resin.

TPE-E: Used in the Fibre Optic industry to protect the fibre while increasing cable flexibility. Delta Tecnic has developed a standard line of Masterbatches to colour the cable.

PAE: Polyamide elastomer, Polyamide 12, a high performance elastomer used to cover the fibre. Delta’s range of PAE colour Masterbatches maintains all mechanical properties while providing the brightest colours on the market.

HDPE: For fibre optic cable producers using HDPE polymer for buffer tubes, Delta has a range of Masterbatches for this solution. Thanks to our experience, we can state that our Masterbatches do not modify tube concentricity or slow fibre data speed.

PP: Another solution for buffer tubes is to use PP as a main polymer. In line with our customers’ needs, Delta has developed a range of Masterbatches for this polymer. We ensure perfect compatibility with the main PP polymer.

Outdoor Jacketing: Delta Tecnic offers Masterbatches for outdoor jacketing of fibre optic cables. HFFR is the most common material, but PE or PVC are also available. We choose outdoor pigments to slow colour fading and can also include a UV additive to protect the polymer when required.


Understanding the special requirements, we offer a wide range of standard products to cover most of the colours the industry needs, but also develop tailor-made solutions.

XLPE Phone Cable: Our range of PE Masterbatches is perfect for use with all cross-linking technologies; offering high opacity in cables at very low dosages with this economic solution.

Outdoor Jacketing: Masterbatches with outdoor pigments that delay colour fading in any kind of polymer. As a tailor-made solution, we can also include UV additives to protect the polymer.

HFFR: From Delta’s standard range of Masterbatches, to any tailor-made solution, our experience with HFFR materials allows us to offer the perfect solution to each customer need.

PVC: For PVC cables, DELTA has a range of cables matching customer needs. From price-competitive standard products to more specific tailor-made solutions, always understanding customer needs.

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