masterbatches for the cable industy


Electrical, data and special cables must meet a series of requirements concerning not only colour, but also other aspects. These include weatherproofing and protection against UV discoloration, protecting against external elements such as rodents, insects or microorganisms, and achieving the best possible fire behavior in order to protect lives.

Our additive masterbatches help protect polymers in a multitude of projects. Our knowledge of the demanding industry regulations and the appropriate raw materials, as well as the fact that we have the most up-to-date monitoring and measuring equipment, allows us to accompany our customers in their challenges, guaranteeing quality and defect-free cables.

laser marking additive masterbatch

Delta Tecnic develops a range of masterbatches which incorporate pigments and additives for laser marking of PE cables. This means that the cable can be coloured and prepared for the laser marking process with a single masterbatch. Our range covers the most characteristic colours used in this industry.

The cable marking process can be simplified enormously thanks to this Masterbatch range, replacing inkjet marking and/or hot stamp foil marking. Laser marking is permanent and resistant to oils, chemical products and abrasion, providing a very appreciable identification of the final product.

additive masterbatch market

Delta Tecnic develops a range of masterbatches that act as rodent and termite repellents. This solution, an alternative to metal strips or Polyamide 12, protects the cables from rodent and termite attacks, which can cause short-circuits, fire or losses in cables.

Thanks to micropore sphere technology, Delta Tecnic’s Masterbatches ensure lasting effectiveness. The range of repellent additives is encapsulated in both EVA (ensuring compatibility with most polymers) and PVC. Delta Tecnic has studies carried out by recognized European (EU) laboratories, such as BAM in Germany and the University of Barcelona, to demonstrate their effectiveness.

additive masterbatch extrusion line

Delta Tecnic produces a range of masterbatches with additive like ultraviolet filters, antioxidants or catalysts to improve cable thermal stability and outdoor performance. This range of additives helps the customer exceed the existing demanding regulations in various applications.

Delta Tecnic offers the option of combining one or several additives within the final colour formulation, providing a customized solution in a single masterbatch. Pigments with appropriate lightfastness and thermal stability are selected to ensure that the colour and performance of the cables withstand the exhaustive quality testing.

Demands on mechanical properties, outdoor performance and ease of transformation of compounds for the industry are continually increasing, and this has forced cable manufacturers and compounders incorporate large amounts of additives in their formulations. Delta Tecnic offers a specific service of producing additive packages on demand, facilitating their incorporation during the compounding process.

additive masterbatch

The cables used in hospitals, operating theaters and clean rooms are subject to increasing demands in terms of their antimicrobial and biocide properties.

For this reason, Delta Tecnic has developed a range of color masterbatches using additives with biocide properties which, incorporated into cable sheathing and insulation, prevent the appearance of microorganisms.