DT Magazine Cables

A complete overview on the cable industry from the perspective of our experts.

Brochures Cable Industry

Customized solutions for different cable applications, with the goal of improving our client’s efficiency.

Brochures Automotive Cables

We offer a broad range of high-quality colour masterbatches with outstanding dispersion and dilution properties.

masterbatch Deltatecnic

Broad range of masterbatches to suit the needs of fibre optic cable producers ensuring high-quality worldwide data transmission.

pvc manufacturers

Range of masterbatches used for outstanding colouring of power cables that ensure the dielectric properties of the manufactured cables.


Range of Masterbatches with high colour regularity, using pigments with very high chemical and thermal resistance, and with perfect dilution in the cable manufacturing process, even at fast speeds.

Color Masterbatch Brochures

A complete overview on the PVC industry from the perspective of our experts.

masterbatch for PVC

We develop concentrated pigment solutions that improve processing and colour results within the PVC transformation industries.

masterbatch technology colour

Masterbatches specially developed for the colouration of Window Profiles for which very fast dilution, colour homogeneity and clean solution are required.

masterbatches Calendering PVC

We support the calendering industry to develop colours using monopigment masterbatches and tailor-made masterbatches with excellent dilution and dispersion.

masterbatches and pvc manufacturers

Tailor-made solutions and standard masterbatches specifically designed for the Pipe Industry.

masterbatches pvc manufacturers

We develop a range of electrically conductive PVC compounds which greatly reduce the risk of electrostatic energy discharge.

Brochures PVC Recycled

Colour concentrates for recycled PVC, contributing to sustainability.

Brochures Rodent & Termite Repellent

Range of Masterbatch Rodent and Termite Repellent. The mechanism of action is odor-emitting compounds and obnoxious organoleptic influence.