Deltacolor Cables


Delta Tecnic has developed specific Masterbatch ranges designed to cover the technical colour needs of the various cable industry applications: Automotive, Energy, Telecoms and Additives. Our products meet industry standards and speciality requirements.

Deltacolor Masterbatches have been developed in compliance with the following standards: RAL 840 HR, MUNSELL EIA359, SAE J-1128, BS6746C, NCS, AFNOR, AENOR, NFX-08-002, UNE-48-103-94, CEI304, FDS595C, NEMA. We can develop any special colour to customer request.
Deltacolor Masterbatches have been developed for 1-3% dosage, depending on the application sector and on the polymer compound used.
Colour range developed under the DIN 53387-Blue scale standard, incorporating UV absorbers and/or antioxidants in their formulation to protect base polymer mechanical properties over an extended time.
All the pigments used to manufacture any of our Deltacolor Masterbatches have been selected to resist processing temperatures appropriately.
Our Masterbatches have been developed with special pigment selection to guarantee optimal dilution and coloration of the polymer base compounds.

Our colour concentrates are suitable for numerous polymers: PVC, PBT, PE, XLPE, FEP, ETFE, CPE, PP, PAE, PA12, TPE-E, TPR, EVA, TPU; and Additives: Rodent Repellent, Termite Repellent, Sepiolite, UV Absorber and Laser Marking.


    Colour masterbatches for the Automotive Wiring Industry

    Colour Masterbatches for the Automotive Wiring Industry: The Automotive Wiring Industry places high quality demands on Colour Masterbatches.


    Wide range of Masterbatches designed for the Energy Industry

    Thanks to our extensive experience of over 25 years in manufacturing Masterbatches and close collaboration with our suppliers and customers, we have a wide range of Masterbatches designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


    Broad Range of Masterbatches for Telecoms Industry

    As a Masterbatch cable specialist, Delta Tecnic supports its Telecoms customers with all the technical solutions the industry requires. The telecoms industry, fibre optic producers and copper data cable producers demand very specific colours, as well as high quality in Masterbatches.


    Masterbatches with additives for the Cable Industry

    Delta Tecnic, with its extensive experience of more than 30 years, has developed a wide range of Masterbatches with additives for the cable industry with the aim of helping our customers improve the quality and performance of their products.


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