masterbatches for the cable industy


Cables for energy transmission are designed to withstand specific conditions in both installation and distribution of electrical power, so that they may operate safely and reliably. Used in industrial facilities, distribution systems and lighting, they must meet high quality, security and performance specifications.


The pigments we use in our formulations are specially selected to avoid interfering with cable dielectric and mechanical properties.


We meet needs for insulation, for either copper or aluminium, and also for the sheath, with a wide range of colours.


Our formulations are “heavy metal-free” and “phthalate-free” and comply with the strictest standards for the market.


The increase in electric vehicles, robotics, automatization and solar panels has resulted in a sharp increase in the demand for low voltage cables. In the production of our range of masterbatches used for outstanding colouring power cables, we use a selection of pigments that ensure the dielectric properties of the manufactured cables.

Our masterbatch carriers facilitate the dilution of our products in the polymers and compounds employed in this industry.

Masterbatches designed according to RAL and Munsell tones. Special high-dilution range is available in the same colours for high-speed processes. Colours can be customized to customer requirements.

From Delta Tecnic standard range of Masterbatches, to any customized solution, our experience with HFFR materials allows us to offer the perfect solution to each customer need.

Thanks to the high-pigment concentration, desired colours can be achieved despite low masterbatch dosage, reducing the influence of external factors on fire-resistant properties. Thanks to our careful selection of carrier polymers, we are able to achieve optimal dilution in the HFFR compounds present in the market.

A range of colour Masterbatches developed for use with Ambient Curing XLPE Technology. Thanks to appropriate pigment formulation, the cross-linking process is not affected. Every batch produced by Delta Tecnic is checked according to the EN 60811 2-1 standard.

Our range of standard masterbatches for colouring PE and XLPE power cables. Carefully selected pigments and formulations ensure that the dielectric properties are not affected.

A range of thermoplastic polyurethane-based masterbatches mainly intended for special cables for machinery and robotics where high abrasion properties and chemical resistance are required. We offer masterbatches for the most commonly used standard and flame retardant TPU grades. For outdoor applications we formulate using specific high lightfastness pigments and enhanced masterbatches with UV filters to protect the polymer.

Delta Tecnic has developed two product ranges with two different types of polymer (PE and PA) to meet the most demanding needs. The pigments have been specially selected to withstand the working temperatures of these polymers.

Masterbatches especially recommended for outdoor use, to prevent both discolouration and photo-oxidative degradation of the cable polymer. Requirements in this sector centre around the lightfastness of the pigments and the stabilization needed to meet special requirements. Delta Tecnic carefully selects the pigments to be involved in the formulations in order to avoid colour loss due to UV radiation and additives to prevent degradation of the plastic due to environmental conditions. Our formulations comply with industry regulations. We have a highly qualified laboratory equipped with the latest technology for monitoring discolouration and maintaining mechanical properties.

Range of Masterbatches for its use in manufacturing rubber cables with EPDM and EPR Compounds. Low melting point and good dispersion allow working, at temperatures used in this kind of compounds, with total colour regularity.


The increase in electric vehicles, robotics, automatization and solar panels has resulted in a sharp increase in the demand for outstanding low voltage cables. These cables are designed to withstand specific conditions in both installation and in the distribution of electrical energy, so that they may operate safely and reliably. Delta Tecnic takes into account these particular medium voltage cable requirement properties in developing its various formulations.

Our colors have been used in multiple medium voltage cables projects across many different applications and a multitude of public projects across all five continents.