Wide range of Masterbatches designed for the Energy Industry

Thanks to our extensive experience of over 25 years in manufacturing Masterbatches and close collaboration with our suppliers and customers, we have a wide range of Masterbatches designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

The pigments we use in our formulations are specially selected to avoid interfering with cable dielectric and mechanical properties.
We meet needs for insulation, for either copper or aluminium, and also for the sheath, with a wide range of colours.
Our formulations are “heavy metal-free” and “phthalate-free” and comply with the strictest standards for the market.

PVC: Wide range of RAL and Munsell tones, as well as custom colours, to cover all customer requirements. Special high-dilution range designed for high process speeds.

XLPE Ambicat: A range of colour Masterbatches developed for use with Ambient Curing XLPE Technology. The cross-linking process is not affected thanks to appropriate pigment formulation. Every batch produced by Delta Tecnic is checked according to the EN 60811-2-1 standard.

PA: Delta Tecnic has developed two product ranges with two different types of polyamide to meet the most demanding needs. The pigments have been specially selected to withstand the working temperatures of this polymer.

TPU: A range of polyurethane-based Masterbatches mainly intended for industrial installations.

HFFR: (Halogen-Free, Flame-Retardant) Due to the special properties of this type of material, Delta Tecnic has developed several ranges to be used depending on the base materials employed by the customer. We can also carry out custom studies on the base polymer provided by the customer and so obtain the required colour.

EPDM: Delta Tecnic has developed a range of Masterbatches for use in manufacturing rubber cables with EPDM and EPR compounds. Low melting point and good dispersion allow working with full colour regularity at the temperatures used with these kinds of compounds.

Outdoor Jacketing: Masterbatches especially recommended for outdoor use, to prevent both discoloration and photo-oxidative degradation of the cable polymer.


Medium voltage cables require particular properties that Delta Tecnic takes into account in developing its various formulations.

Requirements in this sector centre around the lightfastness of the pigments and the stabilisation needed to meet customer needs. Delta Tecnic carefully selects the pigments to be involved in the formulations to avoid colour loss due to UV radiation and the additives to prevent degradation of the plastic due to environmental conditions.

Our formulations comply with industry regulations. We have a highly qualified laboratory equipped with the latest technology.

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