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  • The company will be at the event on November 14 and 15, specifically at Stand 126 and as part of the Tech Focus programme.
  • They will showcase their latest solutions for paints and surface treatment.

The benchmark company in effects and colour pigments for the Spanish and Portuguese market, will be attending the Paint & Coatings fair taking place at Fira Barcelona-Montjuïc on November 14 and 15. The brands of its Trading Pigments division will showcase the latest solutions for paints and surface treatment. Specifically, the exhibit will be located at Stand 126 in Hall 7 of Fira Barcelona.

These are the innovations that the brands of Trading Pigments division will promote at Paint & Coatings.

A window into the future: new trends in coating colours

The manufacturer Eckart will showcase the trend colours for coatings in 2024. Five ranges of pigment formulations in total composed of different shades that seek to celebrate the capacity of human beings to build a better tomorrow through creativity, intelligence, effort and perseverance. This range of effects pigments answers to the continuous analysis of industry-specific colour trends in the field of paint applications.

Furthermore, Eckart will showcase Metalure, Silvershine and Hydroshine, the brands under which the German manufacturer, a world leader in metallic effects pigments, markets its ultra-bright aluminium dispersions to achieve a maximum intensity metallic effect.

Cabot: conductive carbon black and dispersible carbon black

Chemical specialist Cabot will showcase its full range of products, with an emphasis on Majestic 710, a highly dispersible carbon black (HDCB) pigment that boasts ease of use in water-based systems. It allows for equivalent or improved gloss relative to black pigments with similar morphology. This pigment is suitable for use in decorative coatings, industrial and concrete colouring.

Aralon: optimal fluorescence with formaldehyde-free formulations

One of the fundamental aspects in pigment formulation is the absence of carcinogens, particularly formaldehyde, which is highly harmful. The AG-10 technology developed by Aralon has achieved an optimal balance, using hybrid polymers that allow for improved colour intensity and fluorescence while ensuring suitable solvent resistance and the necessary stability. What’s more, Aralon’s AG-10 technology uses formaldehyde-free hybrid polymers, doing away with the historical limitation of low solvent resistance in formaldehyde-free pigments.

Aralon also features the unique Araqua-10 formaldehyde-free fluorescent pigment technology, which offers the best performance available in water-based formulations, and displays the highest compatibility and long-term stability in pH-neutral formulations.

Cinic: high performance pigments and chroma

Specialised in the manufacturing, marketing, research and development of high-performance organic pigments, Cinic’s Cinilex high-performance pigments are world-renowned in the coatings, plastics and ink sectors. This range is characterised by high chroma, high colour intensity, excellent weather and light fastness, as well as heat stability and high resistance to migration.

Most of these pigments are available in opaque and transparent versions. This portfolio is fully compliant with REACH and other global market regulatory requirements and offers customers the ability to standardise their pigment selection across just a few products.

Simpsons: specialty pigments for automotive, industrial and decorative applications

Simpsons will display its wide range of specialised products for paints and coatings in the automotive, industrial and decorative sectors. This range includes organic pigments for applications in water- and solvent-based paint applications, surfactant-based pigment dispersions, organic pigments for powder coatings and solvent dyes.

SIMPERM organic pigments are carbon-based molecules used in water- and solvent-based paints and coatings. SIMSPERSE S pigment dispersions are surfactants used in aqueous applications, they are compatible and do not contain harmful compounds. Furthermore, SIMPERM organic pigments for powder coatings are dry, free-flowing powders that do not rely on solvents and do not contain volatile organic compounds, allowing for a thicker, more durable coating.

Finally, SIMPSOL solvent dyes are non-polar dyes with excellent solubility in a wide range of organic solvents. They are used in applications such as wood stains, coatings, metallic aluminium foil and plastic spraying, as well as in home decorations.

Sustainable packaging and environmental benefits with the Deco Bioglitter SPARKLE range

The Deco Bioglitter SPARKLE range will be another star product, which boasts sustainable packaging with ecological benefits by tackling the problem of microplastics in the paper recycling industry. Unlike conventional glitter, cellulose-based Bioglitter SPARKLE is considered biodegradable in fresh water, which improves compatibility in the recycling process and increases the likelihood of reusing packaging.

This demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the reduction of microplastic pollution in various applications, reflecting a growing environmental responsibility in society and industry.

G&J: versatile titanium dioxide pigments

Quickly becoming one of the leading manufacturers of titanium dioxide (TiO2) using the chloride process, G&J will showcase their versatile pigments. TYR-588 is a rutile-type titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment produced by chloride process and coated with Al2O3, ZrO2 and a special organic treatment. This versatile pigment has been designed for formulators looking for a single variety of TiO2 that can be used in a wide range of applications, both in solvent-based and aqueous systems.

TYR-568, a titanium dioxide pigment produced by the chloride process and coated with Al2O3 and a special organic treatment, is designed for optimum performances in plastic applications requiring high pigment concentrations, such as masterbatches and other types of plastics. It is versatile and efficient in the production of plastics that need intense and long-lasting colours.

Eckart’s presentation at the TechFocus programme

The company will also participate in the TechFocus presentation programme, which will cover a wide range of technical and commercial topics affecting the formulation and manufacturing of paints and coatings.

Annika Mergner, Head of Marketing & Technical Service Automotive Coatings at ECKART, will give the talk “Brilliance Rethought for Sustainable Coating Future” in which she will detail how the latest innovative effects pigments follow megatrends in the coatings industry and support differentiation and brand identification

Discover all innovations at Paint & Coatings on November 14 and 15 at Stand 126 in Hall 7, Fira de Barcelona-Montjuïc.