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  • The company specializing in the distribution of cosmetic products is launching a new version of its glitter that meets all biodegradability requirements.
  • The European Union has banned glitter and the sale of products containing microplastics smaller than five millimetres (insoluble and resistant to degradation).

The company, specialized in the exclusive distribution of cosmetic and personal care products, updates the Bioglitter® SPARKLE cosmetic range to contribute to an even greater commitment to sustainability, the offer of glitter and the benefits of recycling. The company has launched a new version of Bioglitter® SPARKLE that meets all biodegradation requirements.

This update coincides with the European Union’s ban, effective October 17, 2023, on glitter and the sale of products containing microplastics smaller than five millimetres (insoluble and resistant to degradation). This measure is expected to reduce microplastic pollution by 30% by 2030, with the aim of protecting aquatic ecosystems.

Eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter and glitter are the perfect alternative to conventional glitter, as they decompose naturally and do not pollute the environment. In this regard, consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable options, which is driving the production and availability of eco-friendly glitter and biodegradable glitters in the market.

Bioglitter® SPARKLE: The world’s only certified freshwater biodegradable glitter brand for luxury cosmetics.

Cosmetic Bioglitter® SPARKLE was the first product range developed by Ronald Britton Ltd. Bioglitter® SPARKLE products produce a shiny metallic effect that is indistinguishable from traditional plastic metallic sheen. With its high performance of independently tested freshwater biodegradation, second only to Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE and Cosmetic Bioglitter® HOLO, remains the highest performing eco-friendly cosmetic glitter range on the market.

Only the most advanced Bioglitter® products will comply with regulations. Bioglitter® SPARKLE is certified by TÜV Austria to biodegrade in natural freshwater environments. The new version of Bioglitter® SPARKLE passes the test OECD301test, thanks to its highly eco-sustainable composition…

Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE has the honor of being the first glitter range with TÜV ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ certification, considered the highest level of independent certification in the world for its biodegradation in fresh water. Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE has been developed to biodegrade quickly and safely in the natural environment, passing the stringent ISO Testing.

Sustainable packaging and eco-friendly benefits with the Deco Bioglitter® SPARKLE range.

The paper recycling industry is demanding designs that include less plastic. Compostable glitter is considered a microplastic*.

Bioglitter® SPARKLE offers this benefit without being microplastic as it is cellulose based. Bioglitter™ is certified as biodegradable in fresh water, a significantly higher level of performance than composting, and therefore paper printed with Bioglitter™ offers better compatibility in the recycling process and increases the likelihood that the packaging will be reused.

Ultimately, eco-friendly glitter and glitters are glitters biodegradable products offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional glitter, helping to reduce microplastic pollution and promoting sustainability in a variety of industries and applications. Its growing popularity reflects a shift towards greater environmental responsibility in society and industry. The company, through the renewed Bioglitter® SPARKLE range, offers a unique option in the organic cosmetics market.

*As defined in the EU microplastics legislation proposed by ECHA in 2022.