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  • Delta Tecnic helps managers of recycled plastic to improve the colour of the resulting products and make them more attractive to the market.
  • Whether in black, white or any other specific colour, PVC gets a second life that contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Barcelona, 27 February 2023 — In a world where sustainability and economy are key, Delta Tecnic offers innovative solutions to give plastic products that have reached the end of their useful life a second chance. With its line of colour masterbatches for recycled PVC, the company helps improve the colour of recycled products, making them more attractive to the market and contributing to the conservation of the environment.

The useful life of PVC in particular plays a fundamental role in the market. Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to create durable and reusable products, using the right raw materials for this purpose. When a product ultimately reaches the end of its useful life, the aim is to give it a second chance through recycling.

Thermoplastics are generally recyclable, so it has become common to use the term “recycled” to describe products that have been transformed and reintroduced to the market at the end of their initial useful life. Delta Tecnic is a company that specializes in offering solutions through its colour masterbatches to help improve the final colour of recycled PVC products, whether in black, white or any other specific colour, giving the plastic a second life

3 ways to recover the colour of recycled PVC

Delta Tecnic offers different approaches to colouring recycled PVC.

  • Plastic that is made up of different colours is usually transformed into black using carbon black concentrates.
  • For white PVC which is to be reintroduced in the same colour, it is important to note that due to thermal stress, the recycled product tends to yellow. For this reason, Delta Tecnic offers a range of white masterbatches containing titanium dioxide, in many cases custom-made, that help improve the final colour.
  • Meanwhile, if the manufacturer wants to make parts in a specific colour, Delta Tecnic recommends separating the residual products by colour and making a specific masterbatch for each colour, thus improving the final colour of each part.

The company has been helping the PVC industry to incorporate colour in all its applications for more than 40 years. Waste managers purchase end-of-life products with the aim of reforming them as plastic. These recyclers shape the products into pellets with an extruder, and the recycled compound is then sold to plastic parts transformers. In this way, Delta Tecnic supplies its special masterbatches for the PVC to be introduced during the PVC recycling process to improve the quality of the final component.

The recycling rate of PVC, one of the highest 

The latest market study by the consulting firm Ceresana on polyvinyl chloride, in its seventh edition, forecasts that the demand for PVC will continue to grow and reach some 57.7 million tonnes worldwide in 2031. In Europe, more than 810,000 tonnes are already recycled every year; that is, more than a quarter of all PVC waste. This means that the recycling rate of PVC is better than that of other plastics.