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  • The company has the necessary tools to disperse additives needed to achieve high thermal and electrical conductivities that are very difficult for compounders to disperse.
  • Ease of cleaning, colour consistency and improved productivity result in significant benefits for compounders.

Delta Tecnic, a benchmark company in the production of PVC masterbatches, has established itself as a key supplier for compounders thanks to its historical knowledge and its innovative machinery. The compounding industry, whose raw material is supplied to strategic sectors such as cable, automotive and construction, plays a fundamental role in the sustainable world of tomorrow and Delta Tecnic has the capacity to assist companies with the new requirements.

The continuous regulatory review is pushing the sector to constantly adapt to market demands. The global plastics compounding market size reached a global value of $61.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.5% through 2028, according to a report by Grand View Research. The forecast indicates that the increasing substitution of glass, metals, wood, natural rubber and artificial materials, such as concrete, will drive this growth.

In this aspect, Delta Tecnic has the necessary tools to properly work with the pigment powder and special additives to obtain an even dispersion of the materials, accelerating and optimizing the processes of the players who manufacture compounds.

Greater Cleanliness and Time Savings

Cleanliness is one of the values that a masterbatch manufacturer like Delta Tecnic brings to a compound manufacturer. The reason being that pigments are much dirtier than masterbatches, especially carbon black.

Delta Tecnic is helping to eliminate this type of powder from compounders’ processes and replacing it with masterbatch, a cleaner solution that, in parallel, generates time savings since the cleaning time of the turbo mixer is reduced by 80% when using masterbatch instead of pigments. 

Hard-to-Resolve Colour Definition and Colour Regularity

When a compound manufacturer defines a colour for weathering, they must make a proper selection of pigments to achieve adequate light and weather fastness. Using its extensive knowledge about the behavior of pigments in outdoor PVC, Delta Tecnic helps to resolve colours in this type of application, thanks to its long-standing experience and testing of a multitude of pigments in aging chambers, providing definition for colours that are hard to resolve.

On that note, Delta Tecnic provides a clear advantage in colour uniformity, guaranteeing a high-quality dilution and dispersion to ensure that the pigments with which the compounders work have the same colour in each production. 

In addition, the company can also supply a masterbatch formulated with the mixture of additives so that compounders can add it to their process with the use of a single raw material, with excellent homogeneity of these additives, thus saving mixing work and enabling the precise control of percentages and homogeneity in the final product. 

In the cable industry, the use of halogen-free and flame retardant (HFFR) compounds is very common. The formulations of this type of compound are very complex and require numerous raw materials. For this specific market, Delta Tecnic offers the possibility of manufacturing custom-made masterbatches with the combination of additives that the customer needs, simplifying the formula as well as their production, and ensuring excellent homogeneity of the additives in the final product.

Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Faced with technological and sustainability improvement challenges, compounders must meet the challenge of replacing parts combined with plastic and metals that are difficult to manufacture with simpler designs that contain only plastic as the raw material. As such, we are witnessing a trend of manufacturing thermally conductive compounds to be able to replace the function currently fulfilled by metal, with the added intention of obtaining greater lightness and ease of recycling. For compounders, dispersing these special additives necessary to achieve high thermal and/or electrical conductivities is a notable challenge, and Delta Tecnic provides the solution. 

In addition to thermal and electrical conductivity, the shielding of magnetic fields is also important, which aims to avoid interference that may occur when sending signals. Currently, this electromagnetic shielding (EMI Sheilding) is being carried out in the cable industry through complex designs of copper or aluminum metal tapes and there is the possibility of manufacturing plastic compounds that allow these tapes to be eliminated, greatly simplifying their design and especially the manufacturing itself.

Special additives that are very difficult to disperse must be used in these formulations. With its machinery and knowledge of formulations, Delta Tecnic is a perfect candidate to help the plastics compounding industry to address this challenge.