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Delta Tecnic simplifies the colouring of TPU cables with its innovative customized solution for colouring special cables. In a market where customization and quality are essential, the company has managed to simplify and optimize the process of colouring TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) cables by using a single masterbatch per colour despite using different TPU compounds with different flame retardant levels and different colour due to the use of different fire retardant loads.

  • Delta Tecnic optimizes the colouring of special TPU cables to meet fire resistance requirements.
  • We reduce the number of necessary references, assuming cost savings and greater production efficiency.

TPU: One of the most used polymers in special cables

TPU, one of the most widely used polymers in special cables, stands out for its resistance to rubbing and its ability to withstand continuous and mechanical movements. However, fire resistance is a critical factor in many applications, both in buildings and machinery. With the increase in fire safety related restrictions, the demand for more fire resistant TPU cables has been increasing.
To make TPU flame retardant, it is necessary to add fire retardant fillers, such as white-coloured mineral fillers. The more charges added, the higher the fire resistance. Currently, there are different grades of fire resistance in TPU on the market, each with a different shade of white. This has created challenges for cable manufacturers, as each grade of TPU requires a specific colour masterbatch.

A very significant reduction in required references

In this context, Delta Tecnic has been a success story by developing a single masterbatch capable of covering the same colour in the different ranges of TPU. This harmonization of cable colours allows cable manufacturers to simplify their production processes and significantly reduce required masterbatch references. Rather than having to use a specific colour masterbatch reference for each TPU compound according to its fire resistance, with the solution offered by Delta Tecnic, a single colour masterbatch covers the different TPU compounds, simplifying the number of references and unifying the final colour of the cables manufactured, regardless of the degree of flame retardant required.

The key to this solution lies in the economy of scale and the optimization of production. Although the masterbatch used for white-coloured TPU is more expensive due to the higher pigment load needed to obtain the correct colour, the increase in batch size and the consolidation of individual productions have enabled a single masterbatch to be obtained. This not only generates cost savings for manufacturers, but also a reduction in the material needed in inventory, freeing up work capital and standardizing the colour of the cables manufactured by their customers.

TPU has become increasingly important in the cable industry, especially in electric vehicle charging. Thanks to its flexibility, resistance and excellent properties for outdoor use, TPU is an optimal material for cables, used for applications such as charging stations and in electric vehicles themselves. This upward trend in demand for TPU has fuelled the need for efficient and customized solutions.

Efficient and fire resistant coloring solutions

With its innovative approach, Delta Tecnic has established itself as a leader in color masterbatch for cable industry by providing efficient, fire-resistant colouring solutions adapted to the specific requirements of each manufacturer. This initiative highlights its commitment to excellence, the simplification of processes and the continuous search for solutions that improve quality and efficiency in the cable industry.

Manuel Miret, Area Manager & New Product Developer at Delta Tecnic, explains that “the solution we have developed for colouring special cables with polymers such as TPU marks an important advance in the industry. By offering a single masterbatch per colour capable of covering all ranges of TPU, we simplify and optimize cable production processes. It is a clear example of how customization and quality can go hand in hand in the cable industry, offering solutions adapted to the needs of each application”.