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Facing increased demand for smaller cables, the company has formulated a masterbatch that provides precise opacity and colouring functionalities, ensuring that the tubes of fibre optic cables maintain their original visual identification.

In the rapidly changing technological landscape, the continuous innovation in telecommunications requires a constant evolution of underlying components, such as fibre optic cables. Delta Tecnic, a company specializing in the manufacture of masterbatch for the PVC and cable industry, has emerged as an essential partner for fibre optic cable manufacturers, facilitating the miniaturization of these vital components.

Unprecedented challenges facing fibre cables

In a market driven by demanding technical requirements and the need to reduce occupancy costs, fibre optic cables face unprecedented challenges. One crucial aspect is cable diameter, which is a key determinant of the cost of occupancy in installation conduits. The smaller the diameter, the lower the associated costs. This factor has led to an increasing demand for smaller cables, triggering the need to reduce the size of the internal elements, especially the tubes housing the optical fibres.

In this context, a reduction in tube diameter has led to a significant reduction in wall thickness. While this change implies greater transparency of the plastic material, it has also posed challenges in the colouring of these components. The identifying function of the colours on fibre optic cable tubes has been compromised due to excessive transparency, distorting the original colours and making accurate identification difficult for installers.

This is where Delta Tecnic has played a key role. Drawing on its experience and expertise in manufacturing masterbatch and additives for cables, the company has developed innovative solutions to address this emerging issue. Its specialized masterbatch offers precise opacity and colouring functionality, ensuring that fibre optic cable tubes maintain their original visual identification, even at minimum thicknesses of 0.10 to 0.20 mm.

Consistency of properties and economic efficiency

Optral, S.A., a leading company in the development and deployment of telecommunications networks in Spain, with more than three decades of experience in the sector, has been working closely with Delta Tecnic to adapt to the new technical requirements generated by the miniaturization of cables. This collaboration has resulted in a highly efficient masterbatch, capable of maintaining the colour identification of the tubes with reduced thicknesses.

In the words of Jordi Pérez, Optral’s Deputy Director of Operations, “the quality of a fibre optic cable also lies in making it easier for the installer to identify it correctly, and in the micro-cable environment this becomes much more demanding and critical. New high-performance masterbatch developments such as those provided by Delta Tecnic are necessary for the continuous improvement of our products and applications”. 

The key to success lies in Delta Tecnic’s ability to disperse high amounts of pigments, reducing masterbatch dosages while increasing tube opacity. These types of masterbatches allow for a reduction in dosages by more than 25% during the extrusion of minimized tubes, ensuring an optimal balance between mechanical properties and material cost reduction. This innovation not only ensures consistency in cable properties, but also optimizes the manufacturing process, promoting economic efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Delta Tecnic has proven to be a strategic partner for the fibre optic cable manufacturing industry in addressing the challenges associated with the miniaturization of these components. Its commitment to innovation and technical excellence has paved the way for a new era of smaller, more efficient and reliable fibre optic cables in the demanding telecommunications market.