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Delta Tecnic, a leading company among Masterbatch producers, is at the forefront of the development of colour concentrate solutions that improve the processing and final results of the window profiles industry. Thanks to a wide range of Masterbatches designed with high-quality pigments and additives, custom formulations, and a large selection of standard references, Delta Tecnic stands out in this market.

After analysing the state of the profiling sector, there is a set of needs on the part of the organizations to which Delta Tecnic offers reliable solutions. For example, the coexistence between modern technology and somewhat older machinery causes companies to have different requirements at each plant. In this sense, Delta Tecnic offers Masterbatch formulations that can be adapted to the processing of the various extruders, helping to mitigate technological differences.

Delta Tecnic has products that have been specially developed to obtain a fast dilution, colour homogeneity, and a totally clean result. In this regard, the company optimizes the formulas and has pellets of a standard size as well as pellets of reduced size: the Micropellets and Small Micropellets.

To guarantee the best response, Delta Tecnic offers customized solutions, generating value in its product and service proposal, as the company is in charge of accompanying its clients throughout the development process and offers the possibility of carrying out checks that allow monitoring the results. This consulting work, together with high technology and the research and development (R&D) strategy, positions Delta Tecnic as a benchmark in the industry.

Profiles with high resistance to the sun and the elements

One of the concerns, especially in the window and door profile industry, is the stress that finished products undergo when exposed to weather conditions. In this regard, Delta Tecnic has experience in generating properties of resistance to sunlight and meteorological stress in general, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the pigment market and its collaboration with suppliers that offer the most cutting-edge benefits. In addition, the company has devices at its headquarters in Sant Celoni (Barcelona) to carry out specific tests to accelerate the behaviour of profiles abroad and establish comparisons or know their life cycle. Added to this are the constant efforts of the company to promote technological advances.

New trends and demands of the profile market

The industry of profiles in general and windows and doors, in particular, is also evolving and experiencing new trends in colours, surface finishes, and technological demands. The large producer groups thus wish to differentiate themselves, satisfying market demand for more sophisticated designs. At the technological level, complex structures are seen, many times produced via co-extrusion, which require a rapid homogenization of the set of materials.

Delta Tecnic can respond to these demands with agility, quickly creating new colours and supporting with extensive knowledge about the dilution of masters in PVC. It also offers tailor-made solutions for special pigments, such as metallic effects or the so-called “cold pigments”, a group of pigments that prevent overheating of the final product, as well as conductive compounds.

Sustainability plays an essential role

The improvement of the processing in profiles and the homogenization of the colour is enhanced by Delta Tecnic’s commitment to sustainability. Not only are their solutions fully conceived to work with recycled materials, but they have also created a line of products specifically for them. The “White Toners” allow to easily unify the different tones present and support the homogeneous appearance of the whole profile. This provides an opportunity for your clients to achieve world-class results and, in turn, keep their focus on the environment.

The conjunction of all these characteristics allows producers of all types of profiles to find the solutions they need.

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