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  • The company offers a wide range of high opacity masterbatches for quality colouring to facilitate the correct identification of cables.

  • The global telecommunications cable market is forecast to grow by 7% over the next seven years to USD 74.5 billion.

The data shows: telecommunications is a real focus for attracting business and generating changes in the behaviour of society. In this context, DeltaTecnic, a leading technology company in industrial colour chemistry, has established itself as a key partner for the manufacture and supply of masterbatch solutions for telecommunications cables

The dependence of virtually every industry on these cables is more than evident. So much so that the global telecom cables market was worth US$44.9 billion in 2020 and is forecast to reach US$74.5 billion by 2028, with a growth rate of 7% in the period between 2021 and 2028, according to a recent study by Research and Markets. 

The telecommunications cable industry demands masterbatches that enable the manufacture of high-speed cables, that do not interfere with data transport properties and that fit in with cable production processes, which are becoming more and more automated thanks to new extrusion technologies. In this respect, Delta Tecnic offers a wide range of high opacity masterbatches for quality colouring to facilitate the correct identification of cables in installations. 

These advantages are key to a market that is growing due to factors such as increasing demand for internet connectivity; the subscriber base for online services; growing investment in telecoms infrastructure; the development of new ultrafast broadband networks; the rise of 5G networks; edge computing; the growth of cloud platforms and the expansion of IoT connections.

Colouring for different types of cables 

Within the field of telecommunication cables, we can find different types depending on each need. Basically, there are three: coaxial cable, for connecting radio transmitters to receivers, connecting to the Internet and transmitting cable TV signals; twisted pair cable, for Ethernet networks, telephone lines, ADSL, security systems and LAN connections; and fibre optic cable, which allows data transmission over enormous distances and at high speed. 

Delta Tecnic has specific technical solutions for every need, always following international colour standards, with intensity and high opacity. In this sense, Delta Tecnic’s range of masterbatches covers a wide range of standard products and most of the colours needed by the industry; the company also develops tailor-made solutions. In addition, thanks to excellent shrinkage qualities, it guarantees high-quality global data transmission.