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On November 29, the majority shareholders of Delta Tecnic repurchased 40% of the company’s shares held by AURICA since 2017. The original owners of the company have therefore regained control of 100% of the company’s stock.

To prepare for this new phase that begins, the following appointments have been made:

• Andreu Carol as new CEO. With a degree in Industrial Engineering, an Executive MBA from EADA, and a Master’s degree in Industrial Plant Management, Andreu has been with Delta Tecnic for 8 years, as Industrial Director of the Sant Celoni and Querétaro (Mexico) plants.

• Brita Kunze, as new Sales Director of the production division. A graduate in International Trade, she has been working for 5 years as Area Manager of the Production Division in the Central-Europe area.

All other department heads continue in their positions:

• Salvador Torras Español, Sales Director of the Trading Plastics Division.
• Anna Lucea, Sales Director of the Trading Pigments Division.
• Joan Escudero, Financial Director.
• Mario Molins, Supply Chain Area.
• Montse Pascual, Technical Director.
• Anna Planos, Quality Assurance Manager.
• Claudia Costa, Head of HR.
• Cristina Conesa, Head of Quality & HSE.
• Xavier Rius, IT Manager.
• Carlos Sauter, Logistics Manager.
• Eva Gotor, Marketing Manager.

Salvador Torras and Martí Baqués continue as President and Vice President respectively.

With this management team and each one of Delta Tecnic’s collaborators, we will continue to work towards our strategic goals:

• Continuous improvement and growth of our plants in Sant Celoni and México (Querétaro).
• Continue penetration of the US market.
• Introduction into the important Chinese market.
• Continued growth in European and Asian markets.
• Maintain technological leadership in our industry.
• Continued creation of social wealth and contribution to the sustainability of our region.

Delta Tecnic is ready for a bright future, and we shall continue down the path of professional and social success.



Salvador Torras and Marti Baqués