Delta Trading Pigments


For over 25 years, Delta Tecnic has been the exclusive distributor in the Spanish market for the leading firms Eckart (belonging to the Altana Group) and Cabot. Later, in our constant quest to work with market-leading companies constantly, products from the companies Cinic and Aralon were added to our portfolio.

Delta Tecnic specialises in colour and effects pigments. We provide extensive knowledge of both pigment varieties (organic, aluminium-, copper- and zinc-based metallic or synthetic mica-based or borosilicate-based pearlescent) and the variety of markets and techniques in which they can be applied (automotive paints, industrial paints, powder coatings, inks for graphic arts, plastics, pastes for textiles, etc.).

As we are at the forefront of innovation, we have the ability to detect market needs and to respond to them rapidly.


Eckart is one of the leading international manufacturers of effect pigments for the paints and coatings industry, the printing industry, the plastics, lightweight concrete industries and the cosmetics industry. Eckart develops, produces and sells metallic and pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form, as well as concentrates, dispersions and printing inks.


Cabot Corporation is a leading global specialty chemicals and performance materials company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. For more than 135 years, provided performance solutions that solve customers’ needs today, while preparing them to meet their challenges tomorrow. Cabot delivers value and innovation to our customers by leveraging our technical expertise with a deep understanding of their industries and the global trends that impact their operations. We provide our customers with a wide range of products, including rubber and specialty carbons, fumed metal oxides, aerogel, masterbatches and conductive compounds, inkjet colorants and graphenes. Cabot is a business-to-business company with approximately 4,500 employees, and more than 40 manufacturing facilities in 20+ countries. Our customers appreciate our global leadership positions in the industries we serve and our commitment to helping them grow wherever they do busines.


Founded in 2003, Cinic Chemicals (Shanghai) Co.Ltd., specializes in the manufacturing, marketing, research and development of high-performance organic pigments. Focused and driven by continuous improvement, with mature processes, specific production facilities, well-organized production and Quality control, the quality consistency of Cinilex® high performance pigments has long been recognised by our key customers in Coating, Plastic and Ink globally. Cinic Chemicals (Shanghai) Co.Ltd., is a leading high-performance organic pigments supplier to the global market.


Aralon Color operates a unique combination of technologies for the encapsulation of dyes and pigments in different polymer matrices produced especially for their target applications with the following competitive edges: innovation, high quality procucts, service and competitive price.


By establishing Simpsons in 2001, Roha Group expanded its formidable portfolio to include dyes and pigments. Comprehensive solutions, cutting-edge innovation and global color leadership help add value to customers’ own brands. Simpsons strongly believes that long-term success hinges on partnership, where reliability, collaboration and trust form the core of the relationship. Offering customers the best of all worlds – global in influence, personal in relationship – Simpsons’ color expertise helps catalyze customer success

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