In pursuit of improvement and cooperating as fluidly as possible with our suppliers, Delta Tecnic regularly evaluates the service they provide us. This covers the following criteria:


Consistency of product quality

This is determined based on control of deliveries. The products have an acceptance record where, at a set frequency, the quality of each batch received is checked. The results over time on implementing these criteria determine their consistency of quality. It also takes the result of their use in the factory into account, where their performance is of the utmost importance.



We evaluate speed in confirming our orders and in their supply, as well as meeting of confirmed delivery deadlines and the ability to react to unforeseen events/incidents.


Documentation of incidents

All incidents that affect supply quality are recorded and reported to the supplier. Each supplier’s volume of incidents is evaluated under this heading, counting against the overall score it obtains.

Combining these various criteria gives an overall score, based on which we assign each supplier to one of the following categories:

A. Optimal Supplier. No action required

B. Indifferent Supplier. An improvement action plan will be required

C. Poor Supplier. An improvement action plan will be required and they will be prone to being terminated as a supplier if this is not confirmed

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