What’s the Masterbatch?

The Masterbatch, known as Master or colourant, is described as a high concentrated mixture of colour pigments and additives dispersed in a polymer, pellet shaped.

The percentage of pigment or additive in the Masterbatch is higher than the percentage of the final product. Presenting the Masterbatch in a pellet shape ensures a high degree of security in the process, higher than other substances in powder, paste or liquid form, and it also reduces drastically the pollution.

The explanation of the ‘Masterbatch’ word is because, in the past, only one master craftsman could treat and mix the concentrated batches.

Masterbatch Quality

To obtain an excellent Masterbatch, it is considered, among other things, the quality of the polymer and its compatibility with the based formula to colour, the degree of pigment dispersion and their particle size.

It is also considered the quantity of mineral loads included in its composition.

Que es el masterbatch y cuáles són sus aplicaciones
Advantages of using our Masterbatch

There are many advantages regarding the use of a high quality Masterbatch such as Delta Tecnic’s. some of these advantages are:

– Easy handling and weighing. As the Masterbatch is presented in a granular form, its handling is simple and clean.

– The dosage can be done automatically as the Masterbatch does not stick to the walls of the hopper.

– The result is a great uniformity of the color due to an excellent pigment dispersion.

– Neatness and cleanliness. The Masterbatch, unlike the power form or liquid pigments, doesn’t stain or produces dusty environment. In this way, we work in a clean and non-polluted area.

– Less humidity absorption. Contrary to the powdered pigments, the masters tend to have a reduction of the humidity absorption due to the pigments encapsulation in the polymer matrix.


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