What does Masterbatch represent for the toy industry?

The colors are the attraction par excellence; from very young we learn to recognize them, developing our imagination and creativity to the maximum. Therefore, the various contributions of the Masterbatch method in several productive areas, such as the automotive sector, cables, construction, etc. are a fact

However, it can not be ignored that it has brought many joys to the children of the house, thanks to the fundamental role in the toy industry that it currently plays.

Que representa el Masterbatch para la industria del juguete?

The psychology of color in children


In Delta Tecnic we understand how colors can influence the emotions and behaviors of children, who are the greatest recipients of all the stimuli they transmit, for example:

  • Yellow pigments: Stimulate mental activity, so it is highly recommended their exposure in children with little concentration.


  • Red pigments: Promote activity and decrease feelings of sadness or depression. Overexposure is not recommended in hyperactive or bad tempered children.


  • Orange pigments: They represent the balance between the effects of red and yellow, so that they unconsciously produce as much energy, as joy to the smallest in the house.


  • Blue pigments: Highly recommended when looking to produce a relaxation and tranquility effect.


  • Green pigments: They induce harmony and are usually positive for moments of learning, ideal in educational toys.


The Masterbatch as a coloring method in toys

There are endless methods of coloring all the various models of toys available on the market, from the early stages of growth (stuffed animals, puzzles, etc.) to the age of over-activity (action figures, balls, among others).

These techniques include from dyes in liquid form, to powder dyes, but it is the masterbatch that has effectively proven its strength in multiple materials, as well as offering greater comfort before, during and after the manufacturing process.


How does this technique give life and color?

Only in the area of toys there are a lot of coloring methods, for which the masterbatch is the perfect system.

The three main techniques are:

  1. Masterbatch color yarn: Suitable for fiber pigmentation through the use of very fine particles and in high concentrations.


  1. Masterbatch Color Injection: It specializes in packaging, appliances, toys and other top shell type products.



  1. Universal masterbatches: Used in some type of resin, often under the melting point as a vector. Being relatively simpler and more convenient to produce.


Ultimately, the masterbatch that Delta Tecnic has offered to the customers involved in the toy industry has helped children from different parts of the world to learn how to differentiate the colors from their play objects.


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