Reaction between cosmetic colorant and Masterbatch

There are many fields such as industrial and artistic benefiting from masterbatch coloring method. World of makeup and cosmetics wouldn´t either miss versatile-techniques this system provide.

Cosmetics of Pigments and Dyes

Cosmetic products without colors would have no reason. There are many companies specialized on dyes supplied (Delta Tecnic have strong relation with some). These companies have impact on areas of pharmaceutics and cosmetics, focused on basic family needs and female public of course.

Los colorantes cosméticos y su relación con el masterbach

Dye Types

Although, in the past there were different coloring systems (some unsafe). Today, apply in these fields, we can find two major coloring groups that should be taking into consideration before and after manufacturing process.


Dye Coloring Types

With water, oil, alcohol and other solvents easily converted into liquid. Also, these could be used on personal hygiene products, treatment creams for beauty, tanners, wax, perfumes and tooth cream.

It might have both presentations:

  • Natural Dyes: Extracted from materials of plants or animals and can create greater confidence among consumers.
  • Synthetic Coloring: Result from chemical process, after being controlled and synthetized on labs show more stability, wide color range and competitive price.

Nacen de procesos químicos, tras ser controlados y sintetizados en laboratorios presentan una mayor estabilidad, más variedad de colores y precios competitivos.


Pigment Colours

Colors with insoluble features and can spread tint, it is not highly use on pharmaceutics level and it is most apply on decorative cosmetic.

Having the following presentations:

  • Inorganically Pigments: Although the core is taken from nature, materials become analogous to produce a wide variety of range and colors.
  • Organically Pigments: Cover every color specter, offering darker tones than inorganically pigments produce.


Delta Tecnic, masterbatch and Cosmetic Industry

Also, masterbatch has space on this market, but it is not regularly apply as recurrent production industries, it has shown great versatility on cosmetic manufacturing area for beauty and grooming.

Delta Tecnic counts on Eckart with ally division, effect pigments distinguishing a broad solution portafolio for cosmetic industry, always under the most stringent market controls.


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