Masterbatch Color for Cable Industry

Delta Tecnic has developed a wide range of color Masterbatch for cables including PVC, PE, XLPE, CPE, EVA, PBT, PA, PP, TPU, TPE-E among others, designed to cover the technical needs of color in the different applications of the cable industry covering energy cables, data, telecommunications and automotive.

Los tipos de cable fabricados con Masterbatch

Coloring Cables

Delta Tecnic Masterbatches has been developed according to the following standards: RAL, 840HR, MUNSELL, EIA359, SAE J-1128, BS6746C, NCS, AFNOR, AENOR, NFX-08-002, UNE-48-103-94, CEI304, FDS595c, NEMA.

Delta Tecnic can produce any special color requested by the client, with a minimum production of 25kg.



Delta Tecnic color Masterbatches has been developed for a low dosage between 1 to 3% depending on the application sector and the polymer compound used.


Light Resistant

Delta Tecnic has also developed the same Masterbatch gamma incorporating in the formula UV absorbers and antioxidants to protect the mechanic characteristics of the base polymer during a longer period of time.

These Masterbatches can be identified with UV light at the end of the Masterbatch name.


Temperature Resistant

All the pigments used for the manufacture of our Masterbatch has been selected to properly resist processing temperatures. Our technical specifications of the product show the temperature resistant of each Masterbatch.


Color regularity

Delta Tecnic Mastercatches has been developed with a special selection of pigments offering an optimal dilution.