deltacolor masterbatch division


It would be hard to imagine a world without colour. There are thousands of colours which decorate the Nature. Humans have learned to imitate them and colour the world around them. Science puts at our disposal the plastic materials which have improved our wellbeing, and it helps to preserve natural elements, many of which would have disappeared if they hadn’t been substituted by polymer science.

All the shapes, whether created by Nature or by humans, have a colour. The colours make our world a livelier place and help us to distinguish our perception of life.

The World is colour, and this is our passion.

Pigmentos y colorantes en Masterbatch

Delta Tècnic is specialized in the production of Deltacolor Masterbatch to paint PVC in all its applications and all kinds of polymers for the cable industry.

We have a wide range of standard Masterbatches and we also design special colours adapted to any specification or requirement.

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