Coloration in the calendering: the importance of a perfect dispersion

The calendering is an industrial process in which metal sheets are obtained, intended to serve as a raw material in the production of goods, but also, in a more direct way, the manufacture of waterproof, shower curtains or draperies. All this is achieved through the use of mechanical rollers, which flatten the plastic to very high temperatures. In that procedure is also required of the masterbatch coloring.

Coloración en el calandrado: la importancia de una perfecta dispersión

Perfect dispersion in the calendering


In the masterbatch or coloring process are used granules of different tonalities, which serve to give chromatic characteristics unique to the manufactured objects. For example, this is how we can get the blue cover of a mobile phone, or the light green of our credit card. These colorful grains are also used in color plates, which are used as a raw material in the production of more sophisticated products.

In the calendering process it is advisable to avoid the agglomeration of the granules or color pigments. These prevent the proper manufacture of foil or plastic sheeting flat, adding, in the best of cases, a irregular relief. In addition, they tend to cause unwanted delays, to interrupt, forced, the coloring process and flattening. It is best to avoid inconveniences by the dispersion of these perfect color grains



Perfect calendering : quality and productivity


To achieve the perfect dispersion of pigments, not only contribute to create a quality material. In addition, we avoid having to stop the manufacture and coloring sheets, making our company more productive. A imperfect calendering , with agglomeration of grains of color, can cause delays, and what is worse, the loss of machinery necessary for our economic activity. All this is negative, if we speak about business.

To avoid these drawbacks, we count with highly qualified personnel, but also with a highly technological process through which prevent the excessive accumulation and hoarding of color pigments within the masterbatch. The result is a rigid, some plastic sheeting and other more flexible, with different tones and physical characteristics required by our customers.



Delta Tecnic: We are leading calendaring and masterbatch area


If you wish to have the advice and experience of true professionals of color, with experience in the calendering of polymers, only you have to communicate with us through our telephones or email. We are a leading company in the calendering and masterbatch, we guarantee a quality result.


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